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Just for Fun Sudoku (medium)

Winter Word Search

                                            ABDOMEN                                    ANT        ANTENNAE
                                            APHID                                      BEE        BEETLE
                                            BUG                                        BUTTERFLY  CHRYSALIS
                                            COCKROACH                                  COCOON     FLY
                                            LADYBUG                                    LARVA      METAMORPHOSIS
                                            MOSQUITO                                   MOTH       TERMITE
                                            THORAX                                     WINGS

Trivia Quiz for Golfers

1.	 What’s a scratch golfer’s handicap?           U.S. Masters in the presentation           shoot 63 in the same PGA
2.	 What’s a golfer said to have if he is         ceremony?                                  Championship?
                                            11.	 What is the maximum number of         19.	 Who is the only player to win the
      entitled to tee off first?                  clubs a golfer is allowed in his or        PGA Championship twice on the
3.	 What is the name of the Gary Player           her bag in a round of golf?                same course?
                                            12.	 Which South African golfer is one of  20.	 Who had the highest score in the
      Golf Course in Gauteng located              only five players to win the Grand         final round by a PGA champion?
      near The Crocodile River?                   Slam?                                21.	 Name the first player to win the
4.	 What golfer bid a tearful farewell      13.	 What is the name of the PGA                 PGA Championship in a sudden-
      to fans after playing his last U.S.         Championship trophy?                       death playoff.
      Open, in 1994?                        14.	 Where was the first PGA               22.	 Who was the last player to win
5.	 Who became the youngest and                   Championship played?                       the PGA Championship in back-
      oldest player to win the Masters, in  15.	 Which player withdrew that enabled          to-back years when it was match
      1963 and 1986?                              John Daly to get in as the ninth           play?
6.	 Who’s the most successful                     alternate — and win — the 1991
      Zimbabwean golfer of all time?              PGA Championship?                              ANSWERS: (1) Zero (2) The Honour (3)
7.	 In what year did Tiger Woods            16.	 Who holds the record for largest                Blair Atholl Golf Course (4) Arnold Palmer
      complete his hat trick of open              margin of victory in the PGA                   (5) Jack Nicklaus (6) Nick Price (7) 2006 (8)
      Championship wins?                          Championship?                                  Solheim Cup (9) 7 Iron (10) Green Blazer
8.	 Which cup is the women’s                17.	 The oldest player to win a major                (11) 10 (12) Gary Player (13) Wanamaker
      equivalent of the men’s Ryder Cup?          captured the PGA Championship in               Trophy (14) Siwanoy (15) Nick Price (16)
9.	 A modern club which is a cross                the state of Texas. Can you name               Rory McIlroy (17) Julius Boros (18) Riviera
      between a Wooden Club and an                him?                                           (19) Tiger Woods (20) Vijay Singh (21)
      iron is known as what?                18.	 On which course did two players                 Lanny Wadkins (22) Denny Shute
10.	 What is traditionally presented
      to and worn by the winner of the

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