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Letters to Cemair

Dear Mr van der Molen,             Please carry on with it. I will      bags was always going to be a
                                   most certainly tell everybody        challenge but your entire team
As CEO of Cemair I would like      about it, and use your service       rose to the occasion and safe-
to congratulate and thank you      frequently!                          ly delivered everything. Born in
for the excellent way that my                                           Africa (a charitable organisa-
very frail parents (father 89 and  With most sincere thanks to ev-      tion) have started distributing
mother 80) were handled. Earlier   erybody involved, all members of     clothing to needy children in the
in July they flew from OR Tam-     staff did their thing with a smile!  surrounding townships, and are
bo to Margate, returning several                                        busy singing the praises of your
weeks later.                       Kind regards,                        wonderful airline to everyone
                                   Maritha de Beer                      who will listen, and some who
They were practically wrapped in                                        will not!
cotton wool. The wheelchair as-    Hi everyone at Cemair!
sist option on your booking site                                        Your approach to supporting
really did mean a great deal to    A big thank you from both of us      this local charity has made an
us. This option gave our family    for arranging to transfer from       enormous difference to loads of
great peace of mind! We have had   Joburg to Plett all of our mas-      children in this area, and is an
a beach house on the South Coast   sive quantity of charity clothing    example to how companies across
for many years and with the        for the Born in Africa charity on    the country should also behave.
introduction of CemAir flights to  Saturday August the 8th. Trans-
Margate we are now able to fly     porting nine additional hold         With very best wishes,
down there.                                                             Nick and Penny Brooks
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