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Combining holdover
hippie sensibilities,
surf culture, and
New Age openness,
affectionately known
as ‘Muizies’,
is a funky little
crossroads that
should not be missed.

Alongtime refuge of the
hippie, surf, and political by the Dutch East India Company.
counterculture, Muizen- The 36 kilometre stretch of beach
berg has stayed true to its has areas that are definitely child
roots. With a colourful mix of history friendly and areas that have an awe-
and architecture, visitors can enjoy some wave selection. The beach has
the coastal walk to Kalk Bay which a safe swimming pool and a pavilion
includes the ‘historical mile’. This part with different pools and a waterslide
of the walk features some wonderful for kids of all ages. This is a great
historical buildings including the SA getaway for family fun.
Police Museum, Natale Labia, Rhodes This is one of South Africa’s
Cottage and Het Posthuys, which ‘Mother Ships’ of surfing. From
dates back to 1742 and is one of the amateur to professional, you are sure
oldest buildings in South Africa built to catch ‘the bug’ along this amazing
shoreline and in some killer waves.

Muizenberg Surfing Legends

As far back as anyone can remember, Town surf retail, started his own surf- compared with 1 397 mm in Newlands
surfing in South Africa had its cherry board enterprise in Kommetjie, much and 635 mm in Sea Point.
popped by a woman from Zimbabwe. to his parent’s distress. He eventually • More tuna are caught in the area on
Heather Price rode her first wave in Mui- moved to a space near the beach in the rod more than anywhere else in
zenberg around 1919. Having befriend- Muizenberg to sell his boards and other the world.
ed two US marines stationed in Cape surf products, thus the birth of the Cor- It’s not often that a surf town can claim
Town after World War I, Heather learned ner Surf Shop. to be a cultural hub, but that’s exactly
to surf on their ‘Hawaiian style’ solid DID YOU KNOW? the case here on Muizenberg’s shore.
wood surfboards. • Muizenberg has less fog compared This town of 37 000 residents just 25
Local boy Tony Bowman surfed the to its neighbours – only five days a year kilometres from Cape Town, remains a
waves in Muizenberg also in the 1920's. compared with 111 at Cape Point and 25 gateway to its renowned surfing beach
His popularity and that of the sport in Table Bay. and ‘Surfer’s Corner’, which infuses the
grew, so by the 1960’s there were regular • Muizenberg has less rain compared to community with the sport’s youthful en-
wave riders at the Corner. its neighbours – only 450 mm per year ergy and infectious seize-the-day vibe.
Peter Wright, godfather of Cape

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