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15 Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 CEMAIR into the world of creative

The scope of our daily lives and our involvement as individuals with the
interpretation of “a built statement” goes far beyond physical construction
itself. Today everything becomes architecture. Man creates artificial conditions.
It is iconic; it is a mark, symbol, sign or expression. An establishment of space
and environment. This is architecture.

This month CemAir Skynews takes
a moment to celebrate the work
of local Plettenberg Bay architect
Paul Oosthuizen. A South African
architecture avant-gardist and multi-
talent who has designed from the
inside out. Paul Oosthuizen was born
in 1966, South Africa, Johannesburg.
He studied at UCT and UP,
graduating in 1991. After working
with Bruce Gilbreth in London
during a mid-study practical year, he
established his own practice in 1992,
which now resides in Plettenberg Bay.

What is the best moment of the day?
When I wake up. That moment when
I become aware of my breath and the
potential it affords me.

What kind of music are you listening
to at the moment?
Explorative sound-making; Dame Evelyn
Glennie is currently in my focus. She
is profoundly deaf, yet through ‘feel-
ing’ has been, for decades, a highly
accomplished musician. Her example
resonates with my understanding of
architecture. Space is to be felt. On this
point I have collaborated with several
musicians in an exploration to translate
my work into pieces of music. I am now
listening to the symphony of my works.
A documentary is being edited on this.

What books do you have on your
bedside table?
I have a revolving reference library. Late-
ly cellular biology has been a reccurring
theme. Bruce Lipton: Biology of belief.
And others. I constantly need to expand
my understanding of who we are, where
we are, what we are doing and why.
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