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Contributing Writer Rene Connelly sketches out Plett Rage “Do not go gentle
into that good night…
the dying of the light.”

Dylan Thomas, 1914 - 1953

T he poet may have raged against the dying of
the light but as throngs of joyous matrics,
transitioning from one chapter of their lives to
another arrive in Plettenberg Bay, raging ‘before,
during and after’ the dying of the light is certainly
foremost in their minds. From the early 1980’s young
hopefuls have been visiting the beautiful coastal town
of Plett to celebrate and unwind after successfully
completing 12 long years of schooling. This year between
the 28th of November and the 7th of December, they
can be seen and heard in all the nooks and crannies and
along the beautiful stretches of Plett’s pristine beaches.
What started out as a few groups of students back in
the early days, arriving with no concrete plans, partying
at The Forms and later The Cave Nightclub - often
bunking down in caravan parks, camping sites or on a
friend’s lawn, Plett Rage has, over the years, grown into
the largest student festival in the Southern Hemisphere.
With a Rage administrative staff compliment of 300 and
an audience of 15 000 students, partying to the biggest
and best of SA’s live and electronic music scene, it is easy
to see that Rage is here to stay.
In 2000 Cameron Attwood, Ronen Klugman
and Anthony Jacobs, started transforming the Rage
experience into the well organised, safe and immensely
successful annual event that it is today. In 2007 the
Passport System was established, enabling students
to secure guaranteed entrance to all of the Plett Rage
venues via a Freedom Pass. This year for the first time
this package will include a transport coupon, which
will ensure that students will be shuttled safely between
destinations. The Rage organisers place a great deal
of focus on the safety of all the students. Partnering
with top notch transport agencies, local authorities and
forums, they ensure that these young party goers can
let their hair down without their parents and loved ones
fretting unnecessarily, secure in the knowledge that they
are well looked after.
This year’s program is certainly crammed with
key events, guaranteed to thrill and cater to everyone’s
taste. It includes daily beach activities, bungy jumping,
skydiving, jet skiing, foam parties and of course a
selection of SA’s biggest performing artists such as Gold
Fish, The Kiffness, Matthew Mole, Jack Parow, DJ Fresh
and DJ Wags to name just a few.
Plett Rage and CemAir are looking forward to
partnering in 2015, including a not to be missed VIP
Package which will include very affordable flight rates.
So don’t dilly dally…the countdown has already begun.

29 Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 CEMAIR
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