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Food & Drink Sports

1. In which century were 11. What is the fruit flavour of 1. Who was the only 6. Which kind of ball
bananas first sold in Cointreau? heavyweight champi- follows the US President
London? on to finish his boxing everywhere he goes?
12. What type of pulses are career with a perfect
2. Which Australian Opera used in Hummus? record? (49 wins-0 7. In 2011, a Formula 1
Singer had a dessert and defeats) race was held in which
a kind of bread named 13. Which vegetable is the country for the first time?
after her? principal ingredient of 2. Goleo, Spheriks, Ciao, (a) India, (b) Mexico, (c)
rosti? Naranjito and Tip & Tap Ireland, (d) Japan
3. What is Laver Bread made were all examples of
from? 14. Is Amontillado a sweet, what? 8. Which male tennis player
medium or medium-dry lost a record 4 US Open
4. From which fish does sherry? 3. Which national team in- singles finals in 1976,
Caviar come? troduced 'Total Football' 1978, 1980 and 1981?
15. Which red jelly is a tradi- at the 1974 FIFA World
5. What crop is attacked by tional accompaniment to Cup in Germany? 9. Which three lefties have
the Colorado Beatle? lamb? won the most Grand
4. Which Dutch footballer Slam singles titles in
6. Which food connects 16. Italian egg-shaped to- earned the nickname mens tennis?
Blanche Ames, Lord matoes are named after 'Llama' after spitting
Lambourne and Willis which fruit? on the West German 10. 8 minutes and 47.8
Williams? striker Rudi Völler during seconds is the fastest
17. What flavour is the drink a 1990 FIFA World Cup ever winning time for
7. What is the Swedish name Kahlua? game? what race?
for hot or cold dishes
served as a buffet? 18. What sort of fish is a 5. Which Cameroonian 11. Based on the number
kipper? footballer is the only of Major Champion-
8. How big is a Jeroboam African to have played in ships won (Masters,
compared to a normal size 19. Which drink, which has four FIFA World Cups? U.S. Open, The Open,
bottle? been illegal but is being (a) Nwankwo Kanu, (b) PGA), who is the most
imported once again, is Roger Milla, (c) Aaron successful golfer ever
9. Isabella Mayson is the fa- made from the leaves of Mokoena, (d) Rigobert from outside the United
mous author of a Cookery the wormwood plant? Song States?
Book. How is she better
known? 20. What type of milk is a
basic ingredient of Thai
10. In Greek Mythology, what cookery?
was the food of the Gods?

Quiz for kids 1. How many years are there in a millennium? ANSWERS:
2. True or false? The horse is the fastest land animal. FOOD & DRINK: (1) 17th, (2) Nellie Melba ( Peach
3. The Beatles music band featured how many members? Melba, Melba Toast ), (3) Seaweed, (4) Sturgeon,
4. True or false? Scarlet is a bright red color. (5) Potato, (6) They are all Varieties of Apple, (7)
5. What galaxy is Earth located in? Smorgasboard, (8) Four Times, (9) Mrs Beeton,
6. What is the first element on the periodic table of elements? (10) Ambrosia, (11) Orange, (12) Chick Peas, (13)
7. True or false? Mickey Mouse's middle name is Fauntleroy. Potato, (14) Medium Dry, (15) Redcurrant, (16)
8. How many sides does a triangle have? Plum, (17) Coffee, (18) Herring, (19) Absinthe, (20)
9. True or false? Harry Potter's middle name is James. Coconut milk.
10. Bees create what sweet substance? SPORTS: (1) Rocky Marciano, (2) Football World
Cup mascots, (3) Holland, (4) Frank Rijkaard, (5) d.
WHAT IS YOUR SCORE OUT OF 10? Rigobert Song, (6) 'The Football' or 'The Nuclear
CHECK THE ANSWERS IN THE GREY BOX. Football'. (a black briefcase containing the nuclear
launch codes), (7) a. India (Jaypee Group Circuit),
43 Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 CEMAIR (8) Bjorn Borg, (9) Rod Laver, Jimmy Connors,
Raphael Nadal, (10) The Grand National, (11) Gary
KIDS QUIZ: (1) 1000, (2) False, (3) 4, (4) True, (5)
The Milky Way, (6) Hydrogen, (7) False (it is Donald
Duck's), (8) 3, (9) True, (10) Honey
PICTURE QUIZ: (1) The British Isles, (2) Lions
Head, (3) From their shrimp and prawn diet,
(4) A Fry, (5) It opens, (6) Malachite, (7) Average
22 months, (8) Muizenburg, (9) Patrick, (10) The
Pincushion, (11) Humans, sharks and Cape Fur
Seals, (12) December, (13) The Ragged Tooth
Shark, (14) A Whaling Station, (15) Kathu (Sishen)
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