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Picture Quiz

1) Where did the Bulldog 2) After which animal is 3) How do pink Flamingo's 4) What is a baby 5) How do you know when
originate from? this Cape Town peak get their colour? seahorse called? a mussel is cooked?

6) What kind of a 7) What is the gestation 8) Where would you find 9) What is the name of 10) After what sewing
Kingfisher is this? period of an elephant? these colourful beach SpongeBob SquarePants' accessory is this Protea
huts? starfish friend? named?

11) Name three of the 12) In which month will 13) Which is the world's 14) What was the Beacon 15) Which mining town will
African Penguins biggest you find a Pineapple first protected shark Island Resort before it you find on CemAir's route
predators. Flower? species? became a hotel? map?


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