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We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

It’s that time of the year again when schools are out and holidays are
in. Goodbye early morning school dashes. Hello dashing after your
little ones making sure they’re wearing enough sunblock. Face it.
Traveling with kids is like taking time off work to take on a full-time job.

T he trick to a smooth holiday experience is simple. Plan. it’s highly likely you’ll be coming home with more than what you left
Plan and plan some more. And when things don’t go with.
quite as expected (tantrums happen), stay calm. It’s like
this: If you can keep your cool, your kids will pick up on it And last but not least. Know that no matter what happens you
and keep their cool too - most of the time. can do this. Travelling with kids is a whole new experience — not
a bad one, just a different one. Whether it’s teaching you the
That aside, there are a few sure-fire ways to make the most out patience of a Buddhist monk, or allowing you to see the sea for
any getaway with minimal drama. So sit back, relax, read, take a the first time through a two-year old’s eyes. It’s an adventure, that
few notes and share them with your friends. without them, you’ll never have. Every lost shoe, dropped ice
cream or coming to grinding halt to inspect a tree stump or the
Get everyone involved. Get your kids so excited they’re singing shell of a crab. Every “why” and “what’s that?”. It’s hearing them
from the rooftops. The more psyched they are about their big fam- laugh at nothing at all, watching them falling asleep in the car or
ily adventure, the easier the planning. Let them know what’s going playing hide-and-seek in between the isles at the shops. It’s a
to happen and avoid potential meltdowns when their favourite time when you can trade money for memories. When slogging it
(stuffed) travel companion has to go through the X-ray machine out at work for the last year finally pays off and all that matters is
but your little one can’t. right here and now, and then…

Safe for baby? Not everywhere is home, in fact, unless you’re TRAVELLING ABROAD TIP. South African legislation
staying with relatives or friends who have small children of their has changed. If you’re planning on going overseas you’ll
own, chances are your accommodation isn’t childproof. Make need to bring along a few official things. • Unabridged
sure you’ve had ‘the talk’ and any harmful, hazardous or danger- birth certificate for your little ones • If you’re the guardian
ous chemicals and items are stored out of reach. of the child you’ll need to bring along an affidavit from both
parents, as well as a copy of their passports • If you’re
Bring snacks. Always have a stash of healthy, wholesome foods travelling as a single parent you’ll need your partners’ written
- these double up as bribes too. When it comes to drinks, water is consent and an affidavit granting permission to leave the
the way. Kids only drink as much as they need and this cuts down country • If your child is flying solo they’ll need a letter of
on bathroom breaks. consent from both parents and a letter from the person
receiving the minor
Get over organised. From packing smart to bringing a spare
set of clothing in a carry-on or handbag. Make sure you’ve got BY CONTRIBUTING WRITER, MAISHA FOX
absolutely everything you think you might need and remember that

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