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Wynand Kleingeld, Responsible

Like all superheroes, with great power, comes great respon-
sibility. Every day people just like you fly on airplanes. What
makes us sit back, enjoy the view and read our magazines is
the knowledge that the airline we choose has a group of peo-
ple who take pride in their work to make our flight as enjoyable
as possible. As with many industries, an aviation career can
be very rewarding, but there's a lot of information that is often
under the surface.

The field of aircraft maintenance is growing every day. There were nearly fifty million airplane departures in
2010 and it is estimated that by 2015 the number of departures will have doubled. Aircraft engineers and
technicians repair and perform scheduled maintenance on aircraft.

CemAir Skynews took some time to interview Wynand Kleingeld limited number of aircraft types such that the Company’s depth
in CemAir’s Johannesburg hangar. A very cool office, with views of expertise remains extremely specialised.
to blue skies and friendly staff including two Border collies. What is the general role of The Responsible Person: Aircraft?
Wynand and his wife Esme play ‘godparents’ to Sushi – the trav- According to the South African Civil Aviation Regulations
elling CemAir dog. Sometimes his weekend warrior, but during (SACAA CARs), the person filling this role maintains oversight
work days she is one of his constant companions. Wynand is the over the maintenance activities and ensures that the aircraft
Responsible Person: Aircraft, one of those key persons to ensure flown by the company are airworthy in every way. The Respon-
your enjoyable experience. sible Person: Aircraft is one of the six key post holders required
GENERAL OVERVIEW OF THE AIRCRAFT MAINTE- in an airline holding an air service license. In addition to these
NANCE PHILOSOPHY IN THE ORGANISATION: responsibilities, I also accept the role of ‘godfather’ to the owner’s
CemAir owns all its aircraft and also performs the maintenance Border collie, Sushi. She’s my ‘Go-To’ friend at work. She’s a
functions on these aircraft through the CemAir Aircraft Mainte- wonderful companion and is easy to talk to.
nance Organisation (AMO) for which the company holds a Part Who make up the team for the AMO, what types of licens-
145 license issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. The AMO is ing is required?
equipped, skilled and authorised to carry out 95% of the main- Close to half of the 100 CemAir employees work in the AMO.
tenance tasks on all the CemAir aircraft. It’s our philosophy to The team includes Maintenance Managers, Aircraft Maintenance
invest heavily in our equipment through a series of scheduled as Engineers, Avionics Engineers, Instrument Electrical Engineers,
well as ad-hoc inspections and maintenance programmes. Each Aircraft Technicians, Technical Apprentices, Maintenance Plan-
aircraft type is unique requiring specialist knowledge of the tech- ners, Parts and Stores Controllers.
nical structures and system inter-dependencies. For this reason, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a discipline in
CemAir has strategically chosen to own, operate and maintain a itself requiring a theoretical qualification and a minimum of
2 800 hours of practical experience prior to licensing. Thereafter



CemAir is excited to announce a new addition to their complimentary food and
beverage – passengers on flights from Plett to Joburg on Fridays and Mondays will
now be treated to a gorgeous meal supplied by Plett’s very own Le Fournil de Plett.
The complimentary meal on this journey includes a gourmet sandwich, a ‘morning
goodie’ (i.e. pain au chocolate, croissant, etc.) and a juice.

“Nous vous souhaitons un bon vol en compagnie de CemAir”

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