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an AME needs training and licensing specific to each aircraft aircraft trip log by the crew. The defect is then attended to and
type that will be worked on. signed off before the aircraft undertakes a further flight.
Types of aircraft and their maintenance schedules. What other aircraft experience do you have?
CemAir has three aircraft types; the 19-seat Beechcraft 1900 and I started my career in aviation by joining the South African Air
the 37-seat Bombardier Dash 8 are both twin engine turbo-prop Force after completing matric. During my time there I mainly
aircraft and the Bombardier CRJ is a 50-seater regional jet. The worked on the Mirages which is a series of French-manufactured
maintenance schedule on each aircraft type is specified by the fighter and bomber aircraft. Once I left the Air Force and started
manufacturer and is detailed at the level of each individual part working in civil aviation, I qualified as a maintenance engineer
within an aircraft. A substantial proportion of the job is unfor- on various piston and turboprop aircraft and on smaller jets such
tunately paperwork! Any and all routine or ad-hoc inspections, as the Citation and Learjet. While at CemAir I have acquired an
maintenance or repairs to an aircraft have to be recorded in detail A&P (Aircraft & Powerplant) license from the FAA in the USA
in the aircraft maintenance log books which become the “life sto- and have received the technical training and licensing from The
ry” of a machine. These records are part of the aircraft and stay Flight Safety Foundation in the USA to work on the CRJ.
with it throughout its operational life. That seems to be the most What do you enjoy most about your job with CemAir?
frustrating part, but sometimes the most crucial. Since joining the Company in 2008, I have been afforded oppor-
How does the AMO ensure that there is always an aircraft tunities to grow in both my career and in my personal life. It’s
ready and operational for the flight schedule? rewarding to be a part of such a dynamic company, while being
Through the maintenance tracking system the scheduled main- valued as an individual. CemAir is an organization focussed
tenance requirements for each aircraft is tracked. This includes on its people. We also share a common goal whereby ensuring
inspection on the aircraft itself as well as the remaining life passenger safety is always the top priority. My offices includes
of every part which has an inspection life, normally known as hangars, in-repair stations and sometimes airfields. I’m not one to
‘rotables’. These maintenance intervals can be based on hours, sit and idle in a chair, so to have the opportunity to be outdoors is
number of flights or on calendar time depending on what the a blessing.
manufacturer specifies. This tracking allows for planning of Why did you choose this line of work with aircraft instead
maintenance events and for the required parts to be available of other mechanical equipment?
when they need to be fitted. I grew up on a farm in the Northern Cape and have always had a
The maintenance tracking personnel work closely with the fascination with aircraft. My favourite time of the year was when
flight operations department to ensure the flight schedule allows the crop sprayers (agricultural aircraft) sprayed the fields. My
for sufficient time for the maintenance tasks to be undertaken. natural passion for aircraft and aviation led to the obvious choice
Should a defect be noted during a flight it is recorded in the in my career.

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