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designdesign,                             a motihaemr,aalswoife, a
                                           Alitchee, bargarinacphhiilcddoefsmigen,er,  daughter, a sister, a friend
                                           i breathe colour,ithhcrvianeivskaueetairlvtaaearn,ttcditsrotae,odlalitsgro.oitrUua,lndnmdacyaionddinrepeauvasleam-tgnoeitrrr,li,.oanacaaacnltdo,–tnwinytoetoghsore.ltdiffioaschne,iasohtfo.dmIeeha,aIdvpleainydetoasxgess,.
                                           think in shapes and when I design, it’s love that moves  mdeyshiagnnd.liogveteafkoicrk  the aesthetic,
                                           for typography, for bold lines and daring                                               out of composition
                                           and get goosebumps when I see visual harmony emerge on paper or pixel.
                                           i live to design and design to live. What inspires me? Life, love,
                                           smiles, drinking coffee, modernity, clean lines borne of clever thought,
                                           art, illustrations, good food, great typography. Everything inspires,
MACPublishing                              from manga, music, movies, a colour swatch to the shapes
                             & Consulting  of trees, birds on a wire. My ideas stem from simplicity
                                           a life less complicated and complemented by design that echoes such.
                                           I don’t just design,I create.I think out of the box, I rethink
                                           the box. Break it down, turn it inside out and upside down
                                           soythoatuatwthaenentditoftiot, ibt’sen.oLtifae’bsosxhbourtt,wlivheatitevweirtiht is
                                           endless love and reckless abandon.
                                           Dance when people are watching,
                                           paint your walls all shades
                                           of awesome, laugh
                                           often, have fun
                                           and just
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