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                       Documentary: Confession Tapes
                            Reviewed by Chuma, who doesn’t miss a series
                          The thrilling  documentary, Confession Tapes,
                           vividly illustrates that every person has a breaking
                           point, but it might not be to tell the truth.  In
                           seven, riveting episodes you will find yourself
                            mourning the loss of real people you’ve never
                            met who are coerced into telling someone
                            else’s version of the truth. And, you will be
                             irked by the manipulative characters you
                             thought you could trust.  It is a dark yet
                             gripping series that leaves you questioning
                        the human spirit, while biting your nails for more.
                Confession Tapes is available on Netflix in South Africa.



                             again!                               AH, MORE WINE!

                              Eagle Canyon - Johannesburg                       Life from Stone
                          Reviewed by Sean, who remembers every hole in the   Reviewed by Sean, who drinks too much wine
                                    history of Tee-offs
                                                                  The Springfield website alludes to the fact that Life from
                                                                  Stone demonstrates a “flinty, mineral character true to the
                   Designed by Douw van der Merwe (think Jackal Creek)   quartz rock in which it is grown”.  Personally, I’ve never
               and built as the focal point of an upmarket housing estate in   been one to choose my wines on their likeness to rock-
           an old sand quarry, Eagle Canyon Country Club is situated on the   types. Nor do I appreciate taste comparisons, such as
           outskirts of Johannesburg in Honeydew. It’s a course that evokes very   “tinderbox” and “wet dog”,  that are attributed to wine.
           mixed – and animated - emotions amongst the golfers I know.  Some   They take me back to my hungry nibbles on pencil
           feel it’s a bit “gimmicky”, while supporters highlight its conditioning,   shavings in Nursery School in the 1970’s.
           visual appeal and unique layout.
                                                                  Life from Stone is an award winning and Platter
           The naysayers do have a point.  In certain aspects, the greens,   Sauvignon Blanc that is, quite simply, delicious. It is
           fairways and hazards all come together in a ball of golf spaghetti – it   packed with flavours of citrus, grapefruit and passionfruit,
           can be confusing.  Other criticisms include the number of “blind”   presented with a creaminess not always associated with
           tee-shots, poorly positioned hazards and lack of shot-value. My   the varietal. The experts will tell us that this intensity can
           least-favourite hole is the blind, uphill, sharp dog-leg right 6th hole,   be attributed to the age of the vines, the density of the
           which features a “fictitious” out of bounds.  It definitely gives the feel of   planting as well as the rocky soils in which the vines are
           being a “links” hole.                                  planted. Possibly the single most endearing aspect of
                                                                  this wine is its versatility - EVERYONE I know loves It!  At
           In spite of these gripes, I enjoy the layout. Firstly, the aesthetics are a   around R120+ a bottle, it’s not the cheapest domestic
           win. It’s a beautiful tapestry of greenbelt, rocky outcrops, grass “veldt”,   Sauvignon Blanc, but it also won’t break the bank.
           and vast waterways surrounded by spectacular houses.  Secondly,   It’s a great all-round wine, which comes highly
           it avoids the common failing of many golf estates where the housing   recommended from this amateur, but – according to
           encroaches on the course. So, Granny’s greenhouse isn’t an integral   my wife - overly experienced wine-drinker.
           part of your Eagle Canyon game. Thirdly, it’s not overly long - not a
           bad thing for the busted knees and feet in my fourballs. It challenges
           course management while offering a good combination of long and
           short, narrow and wide holes. There are also several noteworthy
           holes. Among others, the stroke 1, 3rd hole is a real highlight.  It de-
           mands a semi-blind tee shot with a long iron, followed by a carry over
           water to a green perched above the fairway.
           In summary, whilst Eagle canyon is unlikely to see imminent upward
           movement from its ranking of 100, it remains a fun test of golf-course
           management and presents an exciting challenge. I would highly rec-
           ommend it for a beautiful day out in Jo’burg winter or summer skies.

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