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                                                                                       Woolworths “Style by SA”
                                                                                    Reviewed by Jade, who would buy a fashion
                                                                                          house if she won the lotto
                                                                                   Woolworths launched its exciting new
                                                                                   seasonal campaign Style by SA in 2017
                                                                                   showcasing eight of South Africa’s
                                                                                   hottest designers. Now you can get your
                                                                                   hands on fashion pieces from Rich Mnisi,
                                                                                   AKJP, Pichulik, Maria McCloy, Thebe
                                                                                   Magugu, Sol-Sol, Selfi and Young & Lazy.
                                                                                  These designers have not only created
                                                                                  pieces that are expertly made, but that
                                                                                  also capture the essence of our vibrant and
                                                                                  beautiful country. They offer South Africans
                                                                                  a chance to dress to impress. The Style by
                                                                                  SA range is available online at www.wool-
                                                                        or at select stores nationwide.

           Drama Series: Black Mirror

                 Reviewed by Jade, who loves watching a great series   Alexander McQueen &
              Winner of an International Emmy in 2012 for Best TV Mini-Se-  Adidas Stan Smiths
                      ries, Black Mirror is definitely not one you want to
                          miss. Each anthology-styled episode offers   Reviewed by Chuma, who is a Fashionista
                          a new, fascinatingly frightening exploration of
                         the dark side of modern technology. There’s   I thought I’d never be fond of these luxury
                         a surprise around every corner, and just when   sneakers, but they have grown on me. They are
                        you think you’ve figured it all out, the plotline   striking without being loud. Anything Alexander
                        turns leaving your jaw on the floor.  Tense, ex-  McQueen styles does not come cheap, so
                        citing and reflective, this dramatic exploration of   unless you have $415 lying around then
                       the shortcomings of human nature will fill dinner   you’re better off doing what I did: buying
                       conversations for years to come.      a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths. The shoes
                                                             are similar in design, but you do get the
                                                             feeling that you truly are getting great value
                                                             for a McQueen look. Adidas Stan Smiths retail
                                                             for R1100 - R1200 so for someone who has an
                                                             empty fridge every other day, they were an
           BOOKS, PODCASTS & APPS                            easy choice.  One day Alexander McQueen,
                                                             one day...
                       TED’s Worklife by Adam Grant
             Reviewed by Louise, who makes her family listen to podcasts on roadtrips
           If you like to keep abreast of the latest leadership thinking, then listen  App we are Loving

           to TED’s Worklife podcasts with Adam Grant, the quirky organisational   Reviewed by Jade, who wants to speak many exotic languages
                           psychologist who teaches at Wharton Univer-
                           sity.   They offer worthwhile insights backed   Duolingo is a language learning app that allows anyone access
                            by heavy-weight business case studies.  Of   to a private language tutor without the hefty fees – it’s free! If you
                            the ones I’ve listened to, The Daily Show’s   want to learn to converse with your Chinese suppliers, Duolin-
                            Secret to Creativity is my second place   go’s got you covered. Just pop in a pair of earphones and take
                            finisher, as Adam uncovers the secrets of           lessons that start at the basics and
                            organisations that have creative genius at          graduate to professional. With intermit-
                            their epicentre. My winning episode is How          tent tests, voice recognition technology
                            to Love Criticism.  In this episode, Adam           that monitors your pronunciation and
                             interviews various companies that are              picture-word associations, you’ll be
                             proponents of something unusual:  brutal           feeling like a multilingual pro in no time.
                             honesty. The podcast tells the story of a
           manager who sent the CEO an e-mail lambasting him for a badly run
           meeting…and he didn’t get fired! The episode offers a compelling
           case for building a culture of open criticism as a means to personal
           and organisational growth.

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