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Message from Miles

                Welcome onboard your CemAir flight. I am proud   the United Nation’s missions in Africa. This need will
                to present this new and enhanced version of CemAir   take us to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the
                Skynews. We have a fresh new look, more articles   Congo to support the work of MONUSCO and supple-
                across more pages with a broader focus. The best yet   ments our work for the UNSMIL project in Tunisia.
                is that this is just the beginning of things to come. Over
                the next year CemAir Skynews will continue to grow   The South African Aviation industry continues to be a
                both in size and scope to reflect the interests of our   dynamic environment with many aspects attracting the
                ever-expanding and diverse customer base.       attention of the media. As an industry we should be
                                                                adding to the economy as a conduit for much needed
                After a difficult start to 2018 we have regrouped and   growth. As the country’s private airlines deliver on this
                continue to build on our solid foundations. Our route   social and economic imperative we hope to see a
                network has seen some changes and we will soon   new dawn amongst the State-owned operators where
                be reintroducing some popular connections such   fair rules of competition are embraced and sustaina-
                as Bloemfontein to Port Elizabeth and Cape Town to   ble self-funding models mark an end to annual fiscal
                Gaborone.                                       intervention. For South Africa to address its structural
                                                                issues, resources need to be allocated to the
                Our Bombardier Q400 and CRJ 900 joined the fleet in   greatest social need, not towards propping up
                2017 and began revenue service in February this year.   terminally ill enterprises.
                These two fine aircraft are now well entrenched in our
                fleet and are seen daily in South Africa’s skies. We con-  South Africa remains a destination of choice for
                tinue to work with some of our destination airports such   international tourists. This was further evidenced by
                as Margate to upgrade airport infrastructure allowing for   the overwhelming successes of the annual trade and
                continued growth of the service to these markets. As   tourism shows, World Travel Market, Africa’s Indaba
                the challenges for the Bitou Municipality of Plettenberg   and We Are Africa. The Kruger National Park and
                Bay continue to mount, uncertainty over the future of   surrounding private reserves and Cape Town and
                our routes from Johannesburg and Cape Town to this   The Garden Route offer world-class attractions for
                beautiful holiday town continue. We remain hopeful   millions of inbound visitors every year. CemAir remains
                that the political factions will put aside their political   a dedicated service provider to this important market
                differences for the benefit of the community, realising   contributing to our country’s economic growth.
                the value of a scheduled airline service into their town
                and recognizing our contribution to economic growth in   As always, I thank you for choosing CemAir for your
                the region.                                     flight today. A special thank you goes out to our regular
                                                                and loyal customers whose continued support allows
                 Our contract operations continue to underpin our busi-  us to proudly fly as South Africa’s most personal airline.
                ness and we are proud to be expanding our support for

                                                                  Miles van der Molen

                                                                 CEO of CemAir

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