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Felix Gosher is founder of the                                     Amazing Race type expedition to find
           Children’s Flight Initiative and works                              their destination through trial and error.
           at CemAir’s Cape Town opera-                                         He landed at every airstrip he could
           tion.  He loves aviation and wants                                    spot from the sky within a 15 mile
           all children to have exposure to                                      radius. Of course, his guests were
           the exhilaration of flying, which                                     expecting to be sipping champagne
           is why he is busy organising the                                      over the Serengeti already, so by
           2018 Children’s Flight Initiative                                     false landing number four, they had
           with CemAir as the main airline                                       lost all sense of humour.  Eventually
           sponsor.  This Aviation event is a                                    Felix deployed some navigational
           collaborative effort with CemAir, the                                wizardry by flying around a volcanic
           South African Air Force, various busi-                              mountain to see if the “mountain lodge”
           nesses and private sponsors, and will                              they described was perhaps tucked
           be hosted at the Waterkloof Airbase on                           away there. Indeed, a low flying swoop
           1 August 2018.  The happening has grown                        helped him  spot a shiny roof, safari vehi-
           exponentially over the years, and this year he               cles and the distinctive sandals of the Maasai
           aims to give 1000 underprivileged children the flight   guides waiting to collect his grumpy tourists who were
           experience of a lifetime.  Not only will he plan to awe them   enduring an unwanted aeroplane safari. They landed safely
           with spectacular acrobatics from fighter jets weaving through   on the correct strip and Felix, in his usual customer friendly
           the skies, but they will also experience the thrill  of their very   manner, asked if he could do something to make up for the
           own buckle up, take-off and land for the first time in an aero-  inconvenience.  When one of the young girls jokingly asked for
           plane. Felix believes that this event exposes children to new   Felix’s pilot shirt, he promptly stripped it off, gave it to her and
           possibilities. It creates hopes and dreams for young people   flew himself back to his base…shirtless, but delighted that his
           who sometimes don’t know if there will be dinner on the   guests were laughing again.
           table at night.  As Amelia Earhart herself once said, “What do
           dreams know of boundaries?”                        His friendly, can-do attitude exceeds his weight in gold, which
                                                              is why he is organising the Children’s Flight Initiative event
           Felix strikes everyone he meets as an action-man with a   with such a committed spirit.  His efforts include promoting
           servant heart. His dogged determination to offer the best is   it on his personal Facebook page by offering to write poems
           humorously depicted in his funniest flying experience. As a   for your loved ones in exchange for a R200 donation to the
           pilot himself, he was chartering a group of American tourists   Initiative.  He has also secured sponsorship from the Acorn
           to an area near the Serengeti in Tanzania on New Year’s Eve   Foundation, Fancy Incorporated, Essential Fuels and West-
           in 2012.   Upon landing, he realised that the tour operator   pack Lifestyle to name a few. However, an event that builds
           had provided him with the incorrect GPS co-ordinates and   the industry and seeds young children’s dreams through flying
           directed them to the wrong location. Felix set out on an   needs all the support it can get.

                                                                     IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE
                                                                     OR BE A SPONSOR ON THIS SPECIAL
                                                                     DAY ON 1 AUGUST 2018, PLEASE
                                                                     CONTACT FELIX ON 076 202 4206 OR
                                                                     EMAIL FELIXGOSHER@GMAIL.COM.

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