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If you have no idea what goes into keeping you safe in a ten-tonne metal tube while sipping champagne through the skies,  you
           might want to know what the pilots and maintenance engineers at CemAir have to say. We asked them a little about themselves
           and what the most important factors are in keeping commuters safe on their travels.


         SAFETY                            Johann Venter is CemAir’s Chief Pilot   Lorrie Raath is one of CemAir’s
                                                                              seasoned flight instructors and a Civil
                                           and he is no stranger to Top Gun life ex-
         CULTURE ...                       periences.  He is South African Airforce   Aviation Authority-accredited flight exam-
                                           trained to fly fighter jets and mirages,   iner.  He has a whopping 27,000 flying
                                           and has flown for the Falcons and the   hours (that’s 1125 days or 3 full years
         ACCORDING TO STAFF                Cheetah Project – noteworthy accom-  of his life flying aircraft safely around the
                                           plishments in the flying fraternity.  He has   world), and another 4,000 hours doing
         OUTSTANDING PEOPLE                18,500 hours of flying time in his career.   simulator training.  Lorrie worked for SAA
         We reference check, do psychometric   His responsibilities extend to taking   for 42 years, 25 of which were as a flight
                                                                              examiner and trainer. He then joined Ce-
                                           charge of all the Standard Operating
         tests, simulator-test our prospective
         pilots and check technical skills of   Procedures and leading the CemAir   mAir as a  line pilot, flight instructor and
         prospective engineers. We hire the   Fleet captains, as well as conducting   CAA accredited flight examiner. “I don’t
         best people and grow them.        training on certain fleets.        have to be here,” Lorrie volunteers.  “I
                                                                              choose to be because I love this airline.
         INTERNATIONAL                     Johann hasn’t lost his boyish passion for   They have invested so much into pilots
                                           the skies and tells how he got to have
                                                                              and the airline industry. It’s a highly
         ACCREDITATION                     a photo taken with Chuck Yeager, the   professional company with a rigorous
         We belong to IATA (International   first pilot confirmed to have broken the   focus on client service and safety...the
         Air Transport Association), so have   sound barrier in 1947.  But, he takes the   standards are high,”  says Lorrie.
         passed their IOSA bi-annual audits.    responsibility of his role seriously. “My
         They check EVERY DETAIL from      job is to make sure that pilots are always   And, you couldn’t wish for a more
         planes to pilots!  Airlines certified   following the safety procedures. There is   experienced or committed professional
         with IOSA are 5 times safer.      no margin for error as mistakes can cost   driving one of the most important divi-
                                           lives. For this reason, we check every   sions of CemAir, Flight Instruction and
         PROCEDURE                         detail to make sure that pilots know the   Examination.  “We never compromise
                                           rules and are following  them. If they
                                                                              on safety,” Lorrie comments. “As we say,
         PRECISION                         make a mistake, we discuss, train and   if you think that training is expensive,
         Procedures, procedures, procedures!   correct.  Communication is vital.”   try accidents.  At CemAir, we spend
         We follow procedures strictly as it                                  a fortune on training our pilots and
         minimises human error.                                               maintenance engineers.  As a desig-
                                                                              nated flight examiner, I am regulated by
         INVEST IN PEOPLE                                                     the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and
         We have our own certified Operational                                have strict measures on which to assess
                                                                              pilots.  The CAA also tests me annu-
         Training Unit (OTU). Twice a year pilots                             ally to ensure that I am fit to be a flight
         undergo simulator testing on skills to                               examiner, so it’s tightly controlled.”
         handle the worst case scenarios.
         Pilots and engineers receive regular
         skills training at our CemAir OTU.

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