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CemAir SKYREWARDS Programme - Terms and Conditions


1.1 Each eligible person applying for the membership in the Programme is considered to have accepted and agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions.

1.2 CemAir reserves the right to modify (in whole or in part) or terminate the Programme at any time without prior notice. Modifications may concern rules of the Programme, membership conditions, amount of miles required for certain destinations, the period of validity of miles, etc.

1.3 CemAir reserves the right, without giving reason at its sole discretion, to rescind or refuse membership of the SKYREWARDS Programme.

1.4 CemAir reserves the right to terminate the SKYREWARDS Programme at any time but will use its reasonable endeavours to give at least six months' notice to Members. Notice of termination will be provided on the website, www.flycemair.co.za.

1.5 Each member must have his/her own unique e-mail address.

1.6 It is not permitted to use the e-mail address of a travel agency, tour operator or travel organiser.


2.1 Membership in the Programme can be obtained by completing an on-line Application Form.

2.2 Persons under 18 years of age, staff of CemAir and associated companies, airline, airport or travel agency staff are not eligible for membership of the SKYREWARDS Programme.

2.3 Only one Membership is allowed per person. Membership is strictly personal, organisations, corporations and other entities cannot be enrolled as a Member.

2.4. SKYREWARDS Membership is free of charge.

2.5. CemAir reserves the right to refuse or cancel Membership of any applicant who does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.

2.6. Membership termination may occur:

  • If a Member fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions
  • Upon the wish of a Member at any time by written notice
  • Upon the termination of the Program
  • Upon the death of the Member

2.7 Upon Membership termination, all accumulated miles will be cancelled.


3.1 A Member should keep his/her temporary ‘paper’ Membership card until he/she is eligible for a permanent Membership card. A permanent card is issued upon accrual of 10,000 miles with CemAir (flights booked with 5Z code).

3.2 SKYREWARDS Membership cards are personal, not transferable and valid for use only when signed by the Member.

3.3 SKYREWARDS Membership cards remain the property of CemAir and should be returned after Membership termination.

3.4 Membership cards cannot be used after the termination of Membership in the SKYREWARDS.

3.5 Lost, stolen or damaged Membership cards can be replaced upon a Member's notification subject to a handling fee of R150.


4.1 The Statute mile is the basic unit of calculation in the Programme.

4.2 Members are eligible to receive SKYREWARDS miles for travel in eligible booking classes on scheduled flights operated by CemAir; the number of miles will vary depending on the route flown and the fare paid. SKYREWARDS miles have no cash value. Miles are not awarded on Code Share flights where CemAir is not the operating carrier.

4.3 Ongoing membership of the SKYREWARDS Programme is subject to a Member earning the minimum number of SKYREWARDS miles. CemAir reserve the right to terminate membership where less than 10 flights have been taken in any period of 12 consecutive months.

4.4 SKYREWARDS reward tickets, some discounted fares and some promotions/fares, spouse fares, charters, inclusive tours, free or complimentary tickets are not eligible for SKYREWARDS miles.

4.5 It is be possible to claim missing miles for flights taken in the past 60 days using the online Missing Miles Claim Form. The Member is responsibility to ensure that their Membership number is entered in their reservation record before the flight. Members should remind their travel agent or CemAir office to enter their SKYREWARDS number. When making a booking online the number must be entered at the time of booking.

4.6 SKYREWARDS miles unredeemed after two calendar years will automatically be cancelled without further notice, i.e. miles earned anytime in 2015 will expire on 31 December 31 2017 and will have no further value.

4.7 Miles are not credited for unused, lost or refunded tickets.

4.8 Provided the SKYREWARDS number is in the reservation record prior to departure, miles will automatically be credited to a Member's account after the flight.

4.9 In case of any errors (miles credited/debited incorrectly, etc.) CemAir reserves the right to correct the account of any Member.


5.1 As soon as a Member's account has reached the required mileage level a Reward ticket can be booked online, at www.flycemair.co.za.

5.2 CemAir reserves the right to change the conditions regarding the number of miles required to obtain a Reward and to cancel Reward offers. All Reward tickets are subject to applicable taxes, fees and charges. It is not possible to use Reward Miles to pay for a ticket that has already been booked.

5.3 If a Reward ticket request is processed by the CemAir Reservations office, the Member should submit a request by e-mail at least ten days before the intended date of travel. Bookings made off-line will be subject to a Ticketing Fee of R 250 per booking.

5.4 Open-dated Reward tickets are not allowed.

5.5 All Reward tickets are subject to seat availability in the designated SKYREWARDS booking class. The number of seats for Reward tickets is limited, even on flights which are not fully booked. Reward ticket availability is subject to other restrictions including 'Black Out' periods and operational limitations.

5.6 Earned miles cannot be combined with cash or other form of payment.

5.7 Once issued, SKYREWARDS Reward tickets are subject to the same Fare Rules and Conditions as a normal ticket, e.g. a change fee may apply; any fare difference must be paid, the free checked baggage limit will apply and travel must be completed within the validity period of the ticket. If the ticket is not used, Reward Miles will be forfeited and not re-credited to the Members account. Where a Reward ticket is not used the Member may apply for a refund of airport taxes (a small administration fee may apply).

5.8 Reward tickets will not be awarded on Code Share flights or were CemAir is not the operating carrier. Excess Baggage Allowance cannot be awarded.


6.1 A Member may transfer rewards, but not issued tickets, to any person of his/her choice.

6.2 All rules and regulations outlined here also apply to the person to whom the award is transferred; it is the Member's responsibility to ensure that the person receiving the transferred Reward ticket is aware of the flight restrictions, taxes payable and the others rules and regulations. CemAir is not responsible for fraud or for any other misuse of a ticket or Reward.

Issue 02: 02 October 2015