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- The passenger herewith accepts the terms and conditions as set out herein when booking a ticket with the carrier.


Should you have any difficulty at the airport please contact our Passenger Manager on +27 82 379 6061.


  • It is the shared responsibility of the booking agent and passenger to ensure that directions to the point of departure, location of check-in counter(s), regulations pertaining to luggage and other matters relevant to the flight, are obtained and, if necessary, distributed timeously.
  • Departure and arrival times cannot be guaranteed; in the event of unforeseen circumstances, uncontrollable events, or unfavourable weather conditions (or any force majeure event), either at the point of departure, in-flight or at the intended destination, the sole discretion of the captain in command will apply. The passenger will hold the carrier harmless of any claims arising from its failure to perform in the event it is unable to do so.
  • The carrier may from time-to-time, without consent of the passengers, at its own discretion, change its flight times as a result of operational or commercial reasons. As a result of the aforesaid the passenger therefore holds the carrier harmless in any such event from any damages, loss or injury suffered as a result or delay hereof.
  • It is recommended that passengers allow at least two hours transit time if required to board a connecting flight.

Car Rental and Valet Parking

  • CemAir accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage, theft or loss whether direct/indirect of any of its passenger’s vehicles or valuables during the use of the valet services available.
  • The valet parking will be subject to available parking spaces at the airport and such space cannot be guaranteed.

Checking In

  • Check in counters will only assist red class passengers up to 20 min before boarding every other passenger will be assisted up to 45 min before departure.
  • The boarding gate closes 15 min before departure and the passengers remains responsible to ensure he/she allows sufficient time to meet the aforesaid deadline.
  • CemAir shall not be held responsible for any or sudden changes in boarding gate information wrongly displayed by the Airport terminal boards.
  • Red Class passengers must ensure to select the appropriate designated seats during checking in to ensure extra-leg room and use of the premium seats.
  • Extra-leg room or premium seats are subject to availability.
  • Private apron transfer will be subject to availability.
  • Fast-track safety will be subject to availability as the Airport may at its own discretion refuse access for any reason beyond CemAir’s control.
  • CemAir will not be held liable for the departure lounges’ failure or refusal to admit any passenger access or use of its facility for any reason whatsoever. Access and use of lounge facility will be available subject to availability.

Lavatory Facilities on board

Kindly note not all CemAir’s aircraft are equipped with lavatory facilities on board. Please confirm with your check-in agent.

In-flight Catering Services

  • On-board catering will be provided by CemAir at no additional cost to the passenger.
  • On board catering consists of various snacks, meals and beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and will be subject to availability.
  • CemAir accepts no liability for any damage or injury whatsoever caused by any of its catering goods or it’s failure to cater for any dietary requirements/preferences.

Refunds, Changes, Cancellations

  • Refunds, changes, and cancellations are subject to the carrier’s policies which can be found on the CemAir website, certain charges may apply.
  • Under no circumstances will the carrier be held liable for any accommodation, transportation, or meals expenses of the passengers in the case of any cancelled or delayed flights.
  • The carrier will not be held liable for any delays caused by international refunds for bookings made by foreign agents/travellers.

Baggage and Hand Luggage Allowance

- Please refer to the Baggage, Hand luggage and/or any goods to be transported policy of the carrier by following this link.

  • The carrier reserves the right to refuse the transport of baggage or luggage which exceeds these limitations or which does not comply with regulatory guidelines.
  • The passenger therefore indemnifies and holds the carrier harmless of all direct/indirect loss, damage or injury suffered as a result the carrier’s or the airport’s security’s refusal to transport certain prohibited items in the passenger’s luggage/baggage.
  • The passenger will be held liable for any fines and/or penalties arising from the carriage of prohibited content as stipulated in the carrier’s policies or which items are deemed unfit for air carriage as stipulated by the International Transport Authority (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

- Prior notification will be required for excess luggage. An excess baggage fee from R35.00 per kg will be charged, which fee will be subject to change. Credit card payments, Debit Card payments and cash payments will be accepted at the check-in counter. Excess luggage can be pre-booked via our website under “Manage my booking.”

- It is prohibited to take any hazardous items such as, knives, guns, scissors, or anything else that could pose a danger to safety or is regarded as “dangerous goods” on board our aircraft.

  • For information regarding the carriage of firearms kindly visit our website under “Before you fly”.

- In the interest of safety, the aforesaid limitations will be strictly adhered to.

- CemAir will to the best of its endeavours ensure to expedite baggage for its passengers, but will not be held liable for any such failure due to unforeseen delays caused by any third-party.

Email Communications

At CemAir, we believe in keeping our passengers informed, inspired, and engaged every step of the way. That's why when you share your contact details with us during the booking process, you automatically opt-in to receiving our exciting email communication. But don't worry, we understand the importance of your privacy. We promise to handle your personal information with the utmost care and respect. Your trust is our priority, and we will never share your details with any third parties. Your email address will be used solely for CemAir communication, ensuring you stay in the loop with all the exciting CemAir news and offers.


CemAir No-Show Rule

In the event that the Passenger fails to present themselves at the prescribed times at either the check-in counter for the check-in procedure, or at the boarding gate for the boarding procedure, CemAir reserves the right to consider the Passenger as a "no-show" and the Passenger will forfeit the coupon for that applicable segment of travel, without the right to a refund.

Travel Documents

It is your responsibility to ensure you have all the necessary valid documentation, including visa, to meet the immigration requirements of your destination. The Airline reserves the right to refuse travel to any customer whose documents do not appear to be in order.


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